Hey there, welcome to my page.  This is old news but why not a bit of history to get started 🙂

Rusty Roar’s first 30 days in SL.

Date: 12/24/06

Born: 11/11/06
Second Life webpage, create character, download software, log in.
Presented with Orientation Island.  Initial tutorials –
Chatting to parrot
Grabbing and Moving ball

Into game (default skin and clothes)
Taken to Braunworth Infohub

Meeting other players
Rusty meets Thor Eldrich who gives him a folder named ‘New Citizen Landmarks’ which has 10 Land Marks including New Citizens Plaza, Kuula and The Ivory Tower, Natoma amongst freebie sites (invaluable).  Thor recommends trying Money Trees for cash.

Rusty does a slight modification to his avatar’s (avies) appearance and changes clothes.  He goes to the New Citizen Plaza, gets some freebies and talks to the Helper Volunteers.
Searches for Money Trees and finds the Master Money Tree Directory, Bravo Bravo.  Rusty then spends considerable time visiting money tree location for money and to explore the world generally.

At Club Nephre he learns about Dance Pads and Camping Chairs.  There’s a story to tell about this (in game) as the club has to move to another region due to a maxed out casino nearby (maximum parcel space).  He goes to The Ivory Tower and briefly looks at the building tutorials.  He meets Alexandra Phillips who tells him about master slave relationships and collaring.

Bumps into one of Anshe Chung’s places and finds RL2SL where Osiris Goff is building (introduction to SL Boutique).  Rusty meets Ventura Starr at Braunworth who shows him Babydollz stripclub (introduction to dancers, escorts and groups). 

Meanwhile, Rusty has been searching and asking about Firstland.  After an email returned from Fordak Linden, it’s confirmed that it comes up from time to time.  Finds  Stargates, ATMs, SLExchange, SLJobfinder.

On a teleport to the Braunworth Infohub meets Myeisha Michabo who shows Rusty her home at Hillcrest Estates and introduces Raven Wombat.  They explain about their design and building skills and businesses.  Myeisha introduces Sphire Ziema from Metatheria.  Rusty get’s there at another time.  First foray around TeaZers Uni.

Myeisha also explains about getting different avatars.  Setting permissives, transfer of items and cash, also land ownership and rentals.


Rusty also meets Serafina Carr at Braunworth who shows him car racing at Silver Motorsports Complex, Silver Island (vehicle acquisition and control).  She gives him a weapon and plays where he gets killed twice.  Rusty is very laggy for the next few days due to ISP shaping for maxing out account (his time is spent observing friends, family, buildings, neighbors and general play).  He attempts classes at TeaZers Uni and the tutorials at the Ivory Tower but the ISP connection is too slow making it impossible.

The defining moment in Rusty’s mind is when Thor gave him the LandMarks to the various places and the mention of the money trees.  This basically set him on his way.

At the time of writing Rusty has acquired a new skin and hair, Xcite starter kit, ZHAO-Outrider poses, land and homes and over 60 people in his friends list.