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Our graphics department has just finished up three cool new banners to help you promote the new Time Machine game from our new Eager Zebra Games division.

Time Machine sample bannerHere’s an example of the 176 x 618 banner.  Note that it is “generic” so you can use it (or the other two available banners) for the current and all future Time Machine games.

And, yes, the “odometer” is live so when you place this on your personal website or blog, your viewers will see the numbers update automatically as the Zackpot grows–until the current Time Machine game ends on April 5th.  The odometer will then be reset to 500 for the next Time Machine game and start rolling upwards from there.

Important note: This sample purposely has an “X” through it to remind you that this is only a SAMPLE and you are not to use it directly.  Rather, you need…

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