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To add even more excitement to our online games at TripleClicks, we’re introducing two cool new leaderboards (with matching badges) today!

Eager Zebra Leaderboards 2


The Top Players leaderboard keeps track of every win for every Eager Zebra game.  A point system is used, with the following values:

  • 20 points for a PTP (Pick The Price) win
  • 500 points for a Time Machine win
  • 50 points for a Knockout Trivia win
  • 15 points for a Knockout Trivia runner-up finish

Note: The Top Players leaderboard begins tracking wins TODAY at 10 AM CT (sorry, prior wins are not included).


The world should of course know that you’re a top player in the Eager Zebra game-a-verse.  That’s why the Top Players Leaderboard also come with a great badge:


  • Earn the basic Trivia Points Leaderboard badge by being in the top 1000
  • Embellish your badge with BRONZE by being in the top 200

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