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Since our major update of TripleClicks last Tuesday, there has been a significant amount of confusion regarding Member TConnect pages.  Following are some FAQs to alleviate the confusion.

Q: Why did you change the Member TConnect pages?
In order to accommodate numerous overall site improvements at TripleClicks.

Q: What happened to my name and picture?
Member TConnect pages must be anonymous now.  Your Member TConnect page is linked to from your username…which appears on Pricebenders auction bid logs, on various leaderboards, at Eager Zebra games, Member Listings, etc.  Usernames are so that you may play, bid, etc. with anonymity (many people will not participate without this protection).  Similarly, your identity is protected when you sell stuff (and use other types of listings we have coming using Member Listings).  If your TConnect page revealed who you actually are, all of this would be for naught of course.  Therefore, we can’t…

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