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Colorful_Talk-BubblesToday we’ve added to the SFI Forum another powerful new feature.  Click on the “profile” tab (the tab with the head and shoulders icon) and you’ll now be able to view and browse all forum posts of your PSAs and CSAs.

Why is this valuable?  Because your PSAs and CSAs are the lifeblood of your team, and now you have another channel to interact with them–right on the SFI Forum!

On a regular basis, at least once a day, you should now check to see what has been posted by your PSAs and CSAs by using this new feature.  When you see a post, it will behoove you to engage them on the forum.  They’ll appreciate seeing their sponsor or co-sponsor on the forum and responding to their posts.  Indeed, this is another great way to show you care and to provide support to these key team members.

Note: You’ll also…

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