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The latest creation from the Eager Zebra game laboratory, Card King, is here!

CardKingLogoCard King challenges you to guess whether cards will be higher or lower than the previous card dealt to you.  Each card guessed correctly earns you points (the bolder your guess, the more points you earn), and bonus points can be won by building long straights.  On the way, there are a variety of hints and “lifelines,”–plus our brand new games-within-a-game SIDEKICKS–you can employ to help maximize your score.

Post one of the top 100 scores of the day to earn one or more shares of the big daily Card King Zackpot.

But that’s not all.  During every game, if you are dealt the same card twice in a row, you’ll get to spin for instant Bonus Prizes including:

  • MRP
  • TCredits
  • EZ Express tokens
  • S-Builder Co-op units
  • CSAs
  • VersaPoints

Card King also features the “King’s…

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