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Many of you have requested that we redesign the face of our TripleClicks Gift Cards so it is clearer that the card provides TCredits and Member Rewards Points only.  We listened!  The new cards are now in stock for all orders starting today.  Order HERE.

Learn more about how to use TripleClicks Gift Cards HERE.

logo-EagerZebraComTIP: A great way to use these cards is in conjunction with Eager Zebra game promotions.  Know anyone who like to play games?  Doesn’t everyone?!  Tell them about your favorite TripleClicks games like Time Machine, Gold Streak, Card King, or Knockout Trivia (returning SOON).  Maybe even challenge them to beat your best score or badge!  Then just hand them a gift card (or provide them with a digital version–available where you order the physical cards), letting them know that the card will allow them to play six games for FREE!  Once…

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