SFI News

New affiliates will now see these two new, completely redesigned pages upon joining SFI:


The first page (shown on the left) is what new affiliates now see immediately upon submitting their affiliate registration.  The second page (shown on the right) is the next page they’ll see and incorporates the “getting started” video.

You can view both of the actual pages at:

These two new pages match the modern, new style we debuted with the new SFI gateway so that new affiliates experience a continuous “flow” of the same consistent look and feel as they begin their SFI journey.  The two new pages are also fully mobile-responsive and automatically adjust for any screen size!  We’ve also updated and enhanced the text to make getting started clearer and easier.

But we’re not stopping there!  SFI Basics and the whole LaunchPad series of lessons will also be getting a similar facelift very soon…with more pages to…

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