SFI News

Are you excited about all the incredible recent announcements?

Do you feel like shouting from the rooftops?!…or at least making sure all of your downline members haven’t missed all the fabulous news? 🙂

If so, then you’re going to love our new “I’m Excited!” E-Cards!


Our new “I’m Excited!” E-Cards are designed specifically for you to share your excitement about newly-announced SFI features and programs, new TripleClicks products, and other business-boosting developments–now and in the future.

Just pick a card, choose your recipient, and then let them know in the message portion of the e-card WHY you’re excited! Hearing it from you may make all the difference.  You’ll typically want to include the URL of the announcement, but also put it in your own words, and explain to your team members why they should be excited too!

In all, there…

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