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A Question On Advertising

Hello All,

I had a question on advertising.

This was my reply –


I’m always on the look-out for new ways to promote my SFI signup link(s). Any sort of advertising that can promote our SFI links should be checked out. The free ones are the best but I have found that I have had to resort to paid advertising as well.

Since joining SFI I have learnt that we must build an active team to gain better commissions. It is also a numbers game as to who will be really active movers and shakers or drop out shortly after joining.

I hope your next signup is a real mover and shaker with SFI!

So yes, I have invested a fair amount of resources into internet advertising and marketing in the hope of obtaining new signups.

The returns are in numbers of new signups and the people who go on to build their own active SFI businesses.

I have seen 1 in 100 go active (EA or above), my own average around one in ten active signups here –


All the best!

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Mantra for the year: New Year New You!


Let this thought really sink in: This IS the year you will reach your weight loss goals. You will be the vision of what you imagine in your mind….You have one don’t you? A vision in your mind of what you look like when your weight loss goals are reached? You should. If you don’t have a picture or idea of what you would like to accomplish then how will you know that you have reached your goals? You can say you want to be size (X) or weigh (X) lbs but can you imagine what that looks like on you?


Most people start of the year saying that they are finally going to lose the weight, but this is where they stop. Someone will ask them how they are going to do it and they reply, “I don’t know, exercise and stuff.” This is not the way to achieve your weight loss success. Now is the time to plan for your weight loss. Visualize the pounds coming off you and imagine how you will be different once they do. Are you going to be a completely different person? Probably not, but you might have more confidence and try some things you were embarrassed to before…dancing, perhaps?

This sounds hard, and I am not good at planning. This is just an excuse. It is not your truth, but just some way for you to put off what you know you should be doing. Ever start something you thought was going to be hard and once you started you realized it really didn’t take that much effort to accomplish it? Your weight loss can follow the same path. Will you be able to eat as much as you want? Well, no. Eating as much as you want got you to where you are now. Will you instead focus on eating until you are full? Yes, this should be one of your goals, taking the time to realize when you are eating that you are full, but not stuffed.

How can you eat until you are full without overeating? This is where Skinny Fiber comes in. It is a way to tell your body you are full after eating less food. Skinny Fiber has glucomannan as an ingredient. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber, that when ingested thirty minutes before a meal with at least 8 oz of water, will swell to about fifty times its size in your stomach. With the glucomannan taking up room in your stomach, you will have the full feeling before actually eating too much. Now, this is where listening to your body plays a role.

Some people just eat until the food is gone. They are members of the clean plate club. No matter how much food you put in front of them, they will eat until there is no food left. You need to say goodbye to this type of eating. It is not healthy, and will definitely not help you reach your weight loss goals. Instead, you need to pay attention when you are eating. It takes twenty minutes for food to make it from your mouth to your stomach. Twenty minutes. When some people eat, they wolf down so much food that there is already too much in their body, and they still eat. As they sit there, they get an uncomfortably full feeling that just gets worse as the minutes tick away. To pay attention while you are eating, you will need to eat slower, start out with less on your plate, and take a break while eating. Two ways to slow down while eating are to put your fork down between bites and/or talk more.


Since you are eating slower, you will be more aware that your hunger is gone and you feel satisfied. This is when you stop eating. You do not say, just one more bite, maybe a little more to finish it off, or what’s one more bite. Nope, you need to put your fork down and walk away. You are paying attention to your body now, and you will see how little food it actually takes for your hunger to go away. Then you will think about how much longer you normally ate and how much unnecessary food you have been consuming. Your eating habits will change.


This is your year! You will succeed at weight loss!


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So you have started to lose the weight, your clothes are getting looser, and people are commenting that you look great. Of course, they want to know your secret and you are thrilled to tell them about your Skinny Fiber. Everything seems to be going well, and then it starts. The little things that creep up and sabotage your weight loss efforts. Do you fall into the trap of committing any of these weight loss hindering activities?


1. Too Many Cheat Days


It’s not a problem to have that cake, you’ve eaten well all week. What’s one piece of cake? Not as much of a problem if you hadn’t already eaten the pie, snacked on the caramel corn, and tasted the ice cream drinks that were being made in the days before. While eating a little something extra is not really a problem, continually adding more food to your day will hinder your weight loss efforts. Chips on occasion are fine, but when they are paired with nachos, pretzels, hotdogs, cake, and other such food, your weight loss efforts will slide backwards. It is best, if you plan on having something extra, to have it all on one day, or if that is even too much, then have it during one meal on one day.


2. Setting Unrealistic Goals


Announcing on Friday that you are going to lose 25 lbs by the end of the weekend is an example of an unrealistic goal. Setting goals that are highly unattainable will set you up for a feeling of failure and dread. This isn’t about how you are going to fail. This is about how you are going to succeed. So why not make a more realistic goal of losing 1 to 2 lbs per week? Then there might be a week where you don’t lose a pound—have you failed? No. The next week you could end up losing 3lbs. Sometimes it is just the body catching up to the changes that are taking place within it.


3. Being Too Restrictive


Telling yourself that there will be no sugar, no carbs, and no junk, ever again will set you up for failure. Telling yourself that you will only eat at these times and only this one food, is also going to set you up for failure. Boredom will set in and so will the thought of eating some other food, any other food. Sometimes the restrictions people place on their eating means that they will be missing essential nutrients. Then they become more prone to colds and flu. It is best to follow the rule of changing one eating habit per week. Maybe the first week, have pop three or four days instead of seven. The next week swap out an unhealthy snack for more vegetables (while maintaining the reduced pop intake). 


4. Not Having A Good Weight Loss Buddy


Teaming up with a friend who does not have the same weight loss motivation can hinder your progress. You want to eat right and exercise and s/he wants to drown him-/herself in a super bucket of popcorn swimming in butter. Hey, s/he’ll start his/hers diet tomorrow. What’s the harm in that? Well, his/her diet will not start tomorrow, either, because s/he will have some other excuse to put it off. You, on the other hand, are ready to lose weight; you have the strength and will power, and could use a buddy to keep you going strong. It is smart to think about what is best for you when choosing a buddy. What would your ideal weight loss buddy be like? Do you know anyone who fits that description? A friend, a family member, or someone in one of your social networking circles? Connect with that person and share your weight loss goals.


5.  Not Committing Yourself To Weight Loss


Like your buddy in the above mentioned scenario, you ate well yesterday so today you will reward yourself with a big piece of cake. You have already calculated that you need to walk a for a couple hours to burn that off and you plan on doing that tomorrow anyway so you are going to indulge. Oh, ice cream too? Maybe you could add swimming tomorrow to your walking. Now you are getting tired just thinking of all the exercise you will need to do to work off the cake and ice cream you are eating today so maybe some caffeine will fix that. Not just regular coffee though, you want some tasty flavored number that has 600 calories in it. Now you have decided that you have eaten your calorie allotment for today AND tomorrow already so you might as well give up, and it is so close to the weekend so maybe we will just start on Monday. Yeah, Monday sounds good. Oh, Monday is Tina’s birthday? Maybe Tuesday, yeah Tuesday is better.


Weight loss will occur when you commit yourself to the process. Not dabbling with weight loss, but having clear, manageable goals that you would like to achieve, a realistic time frame, and a nice (non-food) reward when you accomplish your goals. Maybe save the money from all of the flavored coffees you will pass up and use the money to buy a new piece of clothing you can now fit into.


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Keep It Up!

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Okay, so now you have looked over your eating habits, made some changes, and have increased the exercise you get during the day by changing small things. And now what?  I bet you haven’t seen the scale budge one pound have you? Don’t be discouraged! The weight did not go on overnight, so it will not come off overnight. Consider this…did overeating one night put all of the weight on you? Was it only one meal where you overindulged and in the morning, poof!, on came all the extra pounds? Of course not. So guess what? This is how the weight will come off too. Sometimes there will be a couple pounds lost, other times the scale won’t budge for awhile. Is this a reason to lose oneself in a hot fudge sundae the size of a football stadium? No! This is the time where you tell yourself that losing weight is a process that has ups and downs but the ultimate goal of weight loss is so worth it.


Now is the time to work more exercise into your daily routine. While taking the stairs instead of the elevator, add in a walk during the day or take an exercise class you have always wanted to try. Most gyms offer a free trial membership and there are studios that offer free classes. This is where you can get a feel for what the classes would be like and your general fitness level. It is also good to set up some mini-goals to accomplish. Setting up mini-goals gives you that sense of accomplishment and makes your overall goals more manageable.


While reviewing your exercise goals, it is good to review your eating habits as well. You have taken your Skinny Fiber, so second helpings are no longer calling you, but are there still foods that call your name? Ones where there is no second helping because the first one is so big? That hand going into the chocolate bowl that doesn’t stop until the chocolate is gone? Do you know what I am referring to when I say you can’t eat just one? This is another place where Skinny Fiber is helpful.


By having the glucomannan expand in your stomach you can actually have regular sized first helpings as well. This way you eat a smaller meal and feel fuller. You will feel lighter as well. All of that extra food weighs you down, zapping your energy, and making you need a nap in the middle of the day. And those pants a size bigger or elastic-waisted because your regular pants don’t fit anymore! Won’t it be nice when these are all a thing of the past?


So make sure you add regular exercise to your day (a walk, a bike ride, or an introductory class), review your eating habits again (what foods do you still have a problem with, etc), and what are your mini-goals that you have set up? What would you like to accomplish this month? This week? Today?


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RoarEnterprises.net goes live

Hello All,

As you know I like Skinny Fiber by Skinny Body Care for natural weight loss.
I’ve made a landing page (as a click-through) to http://rustyroar.sbcpower.com
Please visit http://roarenterprises.net and follow the development of the page!

Rusty Roar