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A Question On Advertising

Hello All,

I had a question on advertising.

This was my reply –


I’m always on the look-out for new ways to promote my SFI signup link(s). Any sort of advertising that can promote our SFI links should be checked out. The free ones are the best but I have found that I have had to resort to paid advertising as well.

Since joining SFI I have learnt that we must build an active team to gain better commissions. It is also a numbers game as to who will be really active movers and shakers or drop out shortly after joining.

I hope your next signup is a real mover and shaker with SFI!

So yes, I have invested a fair amount of resources into internet advertising and marketing in the hope of obtaining new signups.

The returns are in numbers of new signups and the people who go on to build their own active SFI businesses.

I have seen 1 in 100 go active (EA or above), my own average around one in ten active signups here –


All the best!

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Google Ranking Changes

Hello All,

If you missed this link last time, I endorse Empire Avenue as a way to lift your Social Networking / Social Media branding. Which, in turn, can provide backlinks to your SFI sign-up page.

SEO and Google’s ranking has changed, now it’s all about branding and your associations on the web.

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Are You In It For The Short Term Or The Long Haul?

Sometimes people start a business (or take on more work) because they are looking for a quick fix to a short-term problem, for example, earning extra money for vacation. The effort they put into the business is high in the beginning and then when they reach the goal they set, then the business takes a back seat and a potential long-term income source suffers.

It is important when starting a business to have your priorities and goals straightened out. Guess what happens when you reach the short-term goals you have set for yourself? You should make new ones….in fact, you should have these goals in place before you obtain your original goals. Why? Because this is the motivating factor to remain present in your business. If you achieved what you set out for yourself…what else are you capable of? What possibilities do you see for your future? What other things do you want in life?

It is rare that a person sets out to obtain a goal and then never needs to set another one. The vacation scenario from above? Is this the only vacation the person will take? No, but when there is no new goal to take the place of the old one, then everything stops. In the future when another need arises, the person will realize how much farther ahead they would be if they would have never stopped working on their business. Has this happened to you? Did you have something that you started, a business, or learning that you stopped but now wished you would have maintained?

The great part about life is that there is always the possibility for another chance. Learn from the past and let go. Starting a business doesn’t really have an age limit. You just need the desire to learn and share what you know. You need to keep your goals current to keep your business within your present.

SFI has been around since 1998, there is definitely long-term potential there. Do not think about what you could have been, but instead focus on what is possible. You have dreams and goals that you can look to in the future, what are they? Solidify these goals and then get started on your future right away. Check out my page: http://rustyroarenterprises.com/rustyroar at SFI. I am working on my future right now. I have things I want to accomplish and I will keep my business in the present to achieve all that I have set out for myself.

I hope you will do the same!

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Choosing the Business That’s Right for You: So You Want to Start a Business

The time is right for you. It is time to begin a new business venture—time to move in a new direction. You have inspiration and energy, but there is a slight problem. You are not sure of your direction. What should your business be? Where should you start and then what path do you follow? Which opportunities should you seize and which are better left alone? I can help you with this. I can be your guide through this maze, so that you can make your right decision. Now, before we begin with that, we need to touch on something you may have already heard, but it bears repeating: You need to diversify your life. What? You need to diversify your life!

Some individuals follow their family’s example and work in the same business or head along the same career path as everyone else has for generations. They say, “My father, and his father, and his father’s father all [went in this business direction] so, of course, I will too.” Other individuals follow their bliss. You know this because they cannot stop talking about it. Life is great for them and they can’t see themselves doing anything else. Then, for both sets of individuals (and many like them) life changes. The family business goes under, or there are reductions in force at work, or maybe the bliss has worn off. What do they do now? This is why diversifying your life is essential to your mental and financial well-being.

By “diversifying your life,” I mean having more than one way to earn money. If you enjoy working for a company, that is fine. Make sure you are doing something else besides that. You should be doing at least two, maybe more, things in addition to your company job. Why is this important? Refer to the above example. If you have more than one income avenue, when there are reductions or the business goes under, you will not be in a panic, wondering how you’ll survive. You will have other income options. You will only need to look into ways to fill that gap. A better alternative to complete devastation and wondering how you will survive from week to week. Having other avenues of wealth will give you the time to figure out how to fill that gap. With panic can come rash decisions, and then you feel stuck with the decisions that you made. Having options gives you the opportunity to try things out and then, if you find that that opportunity was a poor fit, you can change without having a big disruption to your income.

Am I saying you need the equivalent of three full time jobs? No! You can set up your wealth avenues however you wish. Just make sure you put some thought into it. Now, let’s figure out which wealth avenues to create…

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